Cristian Tudorache (born 13 April 1982), known professionally as Low C, is a singer, songwriter, and record producer. Low C has been remarked through his capability to produce cover songs from a diverse spectrum of genres and styles. His vocal versatility let him re- produce, close to original, songs from one of the biggest and most popular artists in the world, like: Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye West (Ye), Dj Khaled, Drake, J Balvin, Nicky Jam, Sam Smith, Joyner Lucas, Lil Baby and others.

Debut album

His debut album is planned to release in 2023 and will contain original songs written and produced in his own recording studio in Germany. The songs will bring vibes together from different genres like Pop, Reggaeton, Latin Trap and Electronica. The debut album, prefigured as an EP, will reveal collaborations with popular music artists across the globe, names that are not to be disclosed yet. The lyrics of the debut album songs are written in English & Spanish.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Cristian was born in Iasi, Romania on 13th of April 1982 and he started since primary school to participate in singing competitions and win some, being early recognized for his rhythmic skills. When he was a teenager, he continued with music, by starting to sing in a classical style church choir for multiple years, playing his vocals as a tenor, and later as a baritone. During this time, he developed further rhythm capabilities, as well as both dramatic and joyful style of music interpretation from various classical music arias written by the most virtuos classical composers of all generations. At the age of 14, Cristian has been put first time on a CD as a tenor, singing classical carols, under the lead of an Opera master. This experience marked his interest into music composition and music production, being his first touch with a professional recording studio and recording techniques.

Ready to apply the gained knowledge about song structure, registers and vocal blending, Cristian has started at 14 to put together equipment for a home studio and has spent countless hours for almost 2 years to learn how to write and produce a song. His first 3 songs have been released at 16 and, due to support received from the local junior talents management, he performed together with his brother the opening for a festival in his hometown. The Vox T Radio, interested in the young talents, invited Cristian and his brother to perform in their afternoon drive-time show, received well by the community of listeners.

Lacking of free time and acting full speed to get the admission to college, Cristian has put more emphasis on formal education moving forward. But he continued to remain interested in music during his college and university, taking canto lessons and playing with various bands and as a DJ for private events. By the age of 30, Cristian has been the resident DJ in multiple social clubs around Romania and acted as an MC for hundreds of private events.

Writing and Production

Through networking in the music industry, Cristian got in contact with both aspiring and well established music artists in Romania, working as a mixing engineer in different recording studios. Until the age of 34, he was involved in music hits mixing, but acting as a ghostwriter for a lot of them as well.

At 35, due to his roots of a German grandfather, Cristian has moved to Germany and opened his own professional recording studio in Düsseldorf, the city that has been the host of the European MTV Music Awards in 2022, presented by Rita Ora and Taika Waititi. Cristian’s recording studio, located in the media harbour of Düsseldorf, has pitched between 2020 and 2023 numerous beats to international artists, this being the period when he started to workout on his own career as a singer.

Why LOW C?

Passionate about music but not necessarily the exposure it brings, Cristian has been stepping through the industry unobserved, acting as a ghostwriter and staying mostly out of the spotlight.

When registering the trademark for his artist name, Cristian thought his low profile in music industry deserves something that fits the picture. This is how Low C has born, where “LOW” stands for a low profiler artist and “C” for the initial of his name.

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